living-with-herpesAfter getting the call from the test center, I knew that I got herpes. I felt like a sentence of death. The words dirty, disgusting, shame and betrayal swirled in my head. Many days later, I calm down and tried to be positive. I got treatment and tried to find related resources as many as possible. Then I knew that people who have genital herpes shouldn’t stop their social life because of the ailment. There is no formidable reason as to why a person going through this condition should stop dating. Herpes does not and will never distract one’s interests, moral and so one which effects friendship and love most. This also means that one deserve the best even if he/she is suffering from the condition.

Herpes is very common all over the world, take U.S for example, over 70 million people are infected. We are just one of them. Life still goes on and needs to be enlightened on because those infected need to understand how they can fulfill their dating lives.

I knew how hard for me to start a date after I getting herpes. I fear of being treated with prejudice and discrimination. It’s even worse how to tell my potential partner about my condition. Some think of people living with herpes as immoral, assuming only people who sleep around get genital herpes. The stigma of the virus, which exists at the heart of this faulty mindset, is usually worse than the symptoms themselves, as it affects dating, social life and psychological health. Maybe there are some people with herpes who have found their match who didn’t care their condition. But after some attempts, I gave up dating with people who couldn’t understand my condition. I tried to think, why I don’t date someone in the same boat? Without the worry to tell my condition, we could even deal with this little gift together.

I tried to find some secret online community for meeting someone with herpes. Actually, I didn’t visually realize so many people living with herpes in the States until I found those sites. Talking with them is easy and happy. I met someone who also living with herpes, but leading a happy and positive life. I asked myself ” Why couldn’t I? It’s me who chose my life style!” Everything seems to be easier and I am full of courage. Herpes is just an experience for me. Many people have these experience too. Thanks for the special herpes dating site! A guy found me and we tried to knew each other better. He is so charming and funny. If everything goes well, we will get married. Life just opens a new chapter for me. Herpes is always not the end of your social life.

Tips for people living with herpes too:

Be brave and patient. You will find what you want and we all deserve the best.

Living with herpes is not the end of social life
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