When talking about herpes, some people found it awkward. They wrongly connected it with promiscuity and immoral. Actually, herpes is just a kind of disease. It’s like a cold, that every people have the risk to get it.

Herpes is very common than most people think. Most people with genital herpes do not know they have it. By CDC, 1 in 5 people in the United States had an STI on any given day in 2018.

It’s very impressive when I first saw the statistics. I never knew that so many people got it. So for people with herpes, there is no need to be sad and worried. You are not alone.

If you found it hard to tell someone that you have herpes, you can talk with people in the same situation. There are some doable ways to find people just like you for support, friendship even love.

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Local Herpes Support Groups

Herpes Support Groups aim to give support to people living with herpes. People in these groups share medical treatment tips, personal herpes stories, and so on.

A good support group is especially useful for people who just tested herpes positive. In this place, you will find that herpes is not so horrible as you think. Not only how to deal with herpes, but you can also know how to defeat it in your mind.

Herpes Dating Sites

I’m ignorant about herpes dating sites until I saw the google ads. It opened a new door for me. There are sites for seniors, for rich guys, and for people with herpes.

The pros are obvious. People with this virus don’t need to worry about how to tell potential partners this truth. They don’t need to worry about passing this virus to others. They can fight this virus together.

But, everything has two sides. Herpes dating sites have a smaller pool compared with ordinary dating sites. As a result, the chance of getting a match will be less.

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So, if you decided to try herpes dating sites, I suggest you join the largest one, eg, positivesingles.com, and try more sites. It will increase the chance greatly. Meanwhile, you can try more sites and find the most suitable one to upgrade.

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Herpes Dating Apps

With the spreading of the mobile phone, a convenient way makes connection easier and faster. That is the app. With the usage of herpes dating apps, people can log in to the herpes community at any time and any place. You can check instant messages and likes whenever and wherever you want. In fact, it becomes one important part of some people’s life.

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So, it’s not a death sentence even if you are single and living with herpes. Millions of people just like you are leading a happy life. Find them, contact them, and you will find that you are really not alone.

Single with Herpes? Meet Local People Living with Herpes

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