People with Herpes Share the Experience on the Talk

Everyone who has the experience to telling someone you have herpes may all know the anxiety and stress on the first date.  Actually, I will tell you after you build up the courage the first time to have the talk, it gets easier each and every time.

tell someone you have herpes

Firstly, overcome the fear of rejection.

It’s like bungee jumping and you are fear of heights.  At some points, you have to jump. Once you jump, there’s no way to back.

I remembered the time I told the people the secret. I thought that person would be disgusted with me, or treat me completely different immediately.  Although I suppose that would happen (if it does, leave that person who is not worth your love ), the opposite happened in my experience. The person was greatly grateful for me telling them.

Secondly, be more patient.

Many people have heard of Herpes, but not familiar with them. Worsely, some people have discriminations about herpes. They don’t know the basic truth about HSV-1 and HSV-2. They don’t know which ways the Herpes virus will spread.

So you have to let them have some time to think and research on their own until they have some ideas about the relationship and the virus.

It also means that you don’t expect to hook up on the first, second, or even third date.

Thirdly, accept the condition.

In my own experience, it is a small condition with the time passing by.  Learn to accept, even embrace the status that you carry the virus. When you let it affect you, you are your worst enemy, not that virus.

Own it, embrace it, don’t lose confidence. If someone has a problem with it, they are just not educated enough and are not the right person for you anyway.  

To conclude, taking your time, be brave and confident. It is just a small condition. Telling someone the truth is not so hard as you imagine.

Telling Someone You Have Herpes Is Not So Hard As You Imagine

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