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It’s a late night and I am sitting with the television on. I’m a 30-year-old male. I’ve contracted HSV for almost two years.  I wanted to share with you how the real herpes life went on.

Honestly, I thought my life was over on the first month I knew I contracted HSV. It seems that there was nothing to live for and no hope for love.

Many questions were going through my head. Is there anyone going to love me? How will I have sex again normally? How will I ever become a father?

I started to think about such questions over and over again. My thoughts fall into a deep dark hole. Fortunately, it gets better later which I can promise. Just like the word, time heals all.

I told my parents and my best friends. They are big support for me to face the battle. Support is a big deal whomever you can find, from friends, parents or therapists, etc.

At that time, only them and my ex-girlfriend knew I had HSV. My ex and I didn’t blame each other since we didn’t actually know who gave it to who or who has what. 

Educating myself on herpes information was the beginning of getting me to understand it. I changed my lifestyle and diet. I now work out 4-5 times a week. Although I love spicy food, I don’t eat it now. All these things that can prevent the outbreaks actually helped me out a lot.

They all say to live a healthy lifestyle, take good care of your body, improve your immune system, make your mind strong.  Stress is also a big deal that should be controlled at all costs.  So if herpes made your lifestyle healthier and yourself stronger, do you still think it as a disaster?

Now you may wonder about sex and my sex life?

In fact, I am sexually active and taking Acyclovir 400mg twice a day. During the two years, I didn’t have outbreaks any more by taking medications and changing my lifestyle. I also have had sex without spreading it to anyone. My life is normal and simple, just like an ordinary single guy.

I still go out for a drink on the weekends. When I’m dating someone or I bring someone home for a night out, the only things changed is that I will tell them exactly what I have and when I contracted it and what I do to prevent spreading and keep myself safe.

I do have sex with a condom most of the time. That’s fine because both parties are safe. Of course, someone was uncomfortable with having sex with me after I disclosing. It was ok because I also don’t want to have sex with anyone who didn’t understand me.

Most people who are compassionate and considerate will take into consideration how brave, to tell the truth, and respect you more for the honest. An honest man is more sexually attractive than a man who lies.  So, be honest with whom you will have sex with and your life will get normal.


At last, I still have herpes. It isn’t eliminated.  But I’m honest about it with myself and my sexual partner. Like everyone else, I lead a normal life.

People who understand what you have will never judge you. In fact, those people are also whom you want to stick around.

How Real Herpes Life Went On Shared by People Having HSV-2

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