Compared with other mainstream dating sites, herpes dating sites rises a lot among herpes singles group. We have contacted 4 people living with herpes to know their dating stories. Thanks for their brave and sharing. To protect their privacy, we won’t post their names and location.

Give yourself more chances

herpes singles

Five years ago, I got divorced and lost passion for love. What’s worse, I tested herpes positive. I always thought that it’s the hardest time for me to pass.

Gradually I recovered from that pain and wanna meet someone to enjoy life. I joined many sites but found nothing special. Things changed when my friend told me something about positivesingles.

In his words, positivesingles is a reliable place for us to find true love and friendship in the same boat. I registered a profile to have a try and start to like chatting with members here. It has an online chatroom. To be frank, it becomes my habit to check the site every day.

The site has a verification function to ensure that their members are real people. I often came across many fake profiles in other sites, which wasted me much time and energy. That’s why I appreciate this site and recommend it to other STD friends. I believe I will find my life partner here.

Thanks for bringing we herpes singles together

herpes singles

Well, I wanna say PS made a big change in my life, which didn’t happen in my 56 years. For me, life became more colorful after I met a special lady.

Before I joined the site, work took the most part of my life. Yes, work gave me money and achievement. But I didn’t spend much time to find a life partner until I retired.

I have much spare time and traveled around the world. In my mind, it will be better if someone right can travel around with me together. Just at that time, I saw an ad. of positivesingles. Lol, it attracted me and I came here. Fortunately, I didn’t ignore it and found the right one who deserves my love. Many thanks to positivesingles.

Be yourself and be positive

herpes singles

Deep in my mind, I am looking for someone who can treat me like a princess. I know it’s difficult, especially I got herpes. But I didn’t give up. My ex-husband said I wasn’t rational people. Well, to be honest, it’s true. So we divorced two years ago.

I joined many ordinary sites to find the right one. I saw some profiles which interested me. But, it’s not easy. I don’t know how to tell them that I got herpes. I can’t lie to me and them.

When I was nearly disappointed, my older sister told me positivesinlges. It gave me a different feeling just like tourists met water in the desert. The atmosphere is warm-hearted and friendly here. Members are real and living with herpes as me. I think I will stay here until I find the right one.

Herpes can’t define ourselves and our life

herpes singles

For positivesingles, most important, I must say thanks! Thanks for giving me the channel to meet my right girl. I have met some really funny people. Herpes doesn’t ruin our life.

I like chatting with these brothers and sisters in the same boat! Live simple and love hard. So luckily, I found my partner here. She is an extremely attractive lady with unique thoughts. Recently, we plan to live together. It’s amazing! I enjoy the time with my girl and my new friends. Hope everyone here will find their Mr. or Miss. Right one day.

4 Herpes Singles Shared Their Dating Stories

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