Protect privacy: 3.5star
Chance of getting a date: 3.5star
Unique Features: 3.5star
Customer Service: 3.5star
Overall Star Rating: 3.5star

Visit Site » is not only a social network but also a community for people with STD online. “STD friends” is one of the free STD dating sites. As a site particularly for people living with HSV and HPV, it offers a lot of features which are specifically tailored to meet these users’ needs. Users here could meet someone to date and communicate with illness information. We suggest that you could have a look at this and know what it offers.


It is free to join for all users!

Unique Features:

  • Free to join in;
  • Combined social network with online dating site;
  • Meet other people living with STD;
  • A good place not only for dating game and boost your confidence;
  • Add photos, videos, information on your profile;
  • Post messages on their page board;
  • Live chat instant messenger;
  • Create your own support group online and invite others to take part in the discussion;
  • Complete FAQ and technical support.

Special Settings:

The site is simple and easy to use. All of the features are free, including initiating sending emails. Users can contact other members here by sending emails, posting comments and writing blogs for free. No limitation for people to join. No limitation for users to send. It contains blogs, articles and many other features. Users can also express their thoughts easily. What’s more, people can find some friends in the same situation on the warm and friendly place.

Editor’s Verdict:

We thought that STDFriends is a great online STD dating site with a wide range of features. For the price advantage, it will attract a lot of users to have a try. But this site doesn’t have a vast amount of members. Members could appreciate it more if there are more active members here.

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