herpes dating siteAlthough dating, in general, can be challenging, dating with herpes can pose additional problems. If you’re one of the many people using herpes dating sites, then you probably have run into these challenges. To get some help with HSV dating, use these five simple tips.

1. Take Time to Make a Good First Impression

Although you’re meeting someone through an STD dating website, you don’t have to make everything about that area of your life. You’re a person before you’re a condition. Start off by making a good first impression. Write to people you’re interested in with a unique message. This is going to stand out more than anything else about yourself.

2. Be Aware that Scammers Exist

Although scammers are common on any dating sites, you should especially be cautious when you see anything unusual or that seems wrong. Several model-like photos and generic messages are a good warning sign. Do an image search on these profile pictures to see if they appear anywhere else. Not all herpes dating sites do a thorough job of monitoring profiles to make sure that they’re not spam so it pays to be cautious.

3. Don’t Make Herpes the Main Conversation

When you start to get to know someone, you’ll probably need to discuss herpes. However, don’t make the STD the major topic of conversation at first. Let the person get to know you for who you are. Have a positive outlook on life and keep things light and friendly for the first interactions. You have more time to be serious when you get to know each other better.

4. Make Time to Talk About It

When you start to get more serious, it is going to be time to talk about dating with herpes. This could be after a few dates or sooner, depending on the speed and seriousness of your relationship. After you both have a reasonable foundation of trust and continue to be interested in each other, have a conversation about your condition. Not only can this bring you closer together, but it can also take a great deal of fear out of your relationship.

5. Watch for Warning Signs

Internet dating always provides an opportunity for people to hide who they are. From spam accounts to people who are dangerous, you always want to watch for your own safety. Make sure to avoid oversharing any personal details on your dating profile. It’s also common to find someone who isn’t handling their condition well at all and this can negatively affect you. You want to only date a person who is stable and manages their condition. Avoid anyone who is overly negative or appears in denial about their condition.

When it comes to dating people with herpes, online dating offers a great community of people that you might not otherwise meet. When you’re ready for a relationship, you can use online dating sites to find people who are a good fit. Make sure to use these simple tips to avoid any problems along the way and you’ll have a better chance of developing healthy relationships.

5 Quick Tips Regarding Herpes Dating Sites

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