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When talked about herpes dating trends? Some people may say without hesitation, rejection, discrimination, and failure?

But with the education of STD information and knowledge, more and more people realize that herpes is not a horrible monster. It’s just a virus.

Not only people who sleep around get it but also the one-man or one-woman kind person can also have it. It’s not a sexual boogeyman.

Surprisingly, I found that herpes also comes with honest, brave, optimistic and more.


It’s not only a simple word. In fact, it’s a choice after deep consideration.

During the past herpes stories from our precious readers, many people got herpes from their unfaithful partners.

Actually, I’m so sad about it. How heartbreaking to be cheated by a deeply loved and trusted person? I don’t even want to imagine.

However, for those lovely readers, they don’t turn the unfortunate into revenge, especially for innocent people. When they back to dating again, they choose “Honest” and tell their potential partners the truth.

I must say it’s not easy and need a lot of courage.


It is easier said than done to be brave. For people with this virus, it is a bit annoying on how to face the following troubles.

How to deal with herpes? How about the treatment cost? Will it affect daily life, especially sexual life? How about the pregnant? Will it be known by others? Will others judge or discriminate me…

Sounds horrible, right? In some words, they are the reason why herpes is aggressively feared.

To conquer fear, people need a lot of courage. It’s like a sharp sword by which the knight has the power to kill the monster.


For pessimists, herpes might be a death sentence of dating. They are afraid of starting again. It looks that HSV sets a boundary in the normal human relationship.

On the contrary, HSV will become a touchstone to any kind of relationship for optimists. The virus will help them filter unfaithful and untrustworthy people.

Final Conclusion

Among the 3 herpes dating keywords, I choose “Honest” as the top one keyword. The powerful word also represents the courage and optimistic behind it.

Life is not smooth all the time, but we can choose how to face it during the hard times. Luckily, the newest herpes dating trends may reflect something.

Herpes Dating Trends in 2019
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