advice to stop conoravirus
Stop Coronavirus Advice from WHO

Coronavirus, a kind of virus that is easy and fast to spread in the public, brings big concerns.

Accept or not, this virus actually caused a lot of horror and panic. Many people are fighting with it to make the world back to healthy and normal.

Being an ordinary person, stay at home is the best and easiest way to keep safe. This is also the only and best thing we can do for the society during a special time.

Many people refresh the newest coronavirus news and information every minute. It makes people nervous and anxiety which may cause a great burden to the mentality.

So you can take a break now and then. You can listen to a song, read a book, chat with your friends on social media, or learn to cook. They are all good things to divert your attention from the anxiety.

There is enough time for you. After controlling the virus completely, you may be surprised to find that you grasp one or two other skills.

Positive Singles Discount

positive singles discount
Positive Singles Time-Limited Discount

Let’s get down to the point. PositiveSingles(App name: PS) is the largest STD & Herpes dating site since 2001. It has more than 1.7 million registered users as it declared. As we tried before, there are no coupons and promo codes.

But recently, we found there is a discount on the Positive Singles site and app. We have confirmed with the positive singles support team and tried true.

The positive singles team replied:” We care about the user’s safety. We want to do something for them during the coronavirus time. So after consideration, a big discount will be provided. This is never happened in the past because of the daily huge expenses. We hope our users stay at home, keep safe, enjoy friendship and love. As we always say, you are not alone. PS and millions of users are here with you.”

The newest positive singles discount plan is as follows:

  • Buy 1-month premium membership, get an extra 10 days free.
  • Buy 3-months premium membership, get an extra 1-month free.
  • Buy 6-months premium membership, get an extra 2-month free. (Recommended)

Available payment methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Money Order, Check, etc.

BTW, the premium membership is valid on all the positive singles platforms. (Including, PC site, Mobile site, IOS App and Android App.)

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