For many people living with herpes, how to protect their partners from getting herpes might be the most important issue. They are afraid of passing this virus to their match.

Actually, there are many ways can reduce the risk of getting herpes virus.

Before we talk about preventing the transmission of herpes, we need to have a better understanding of this virus.

There are many different herpes simplex viruses, but mainly on two herpes simplex viruses: HSV-1 and HSV-2.

Herpes simplex virus can lie dormant in people. When it shows, it is often around the genital or mouth area in the form of blister-type sores.
Usually, people think that sexual activities are the only way to spread the virus. Actually, it’s wrong. Herpes can also be passed by skin-to-skin touch or contact with bodily fluids from an infected person, for example, blood and saliva.

Therefore, the best way to avoid herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases is to avoid any oral or genital contact with others.

But most people have sex at some point in their lives, it’s important to know how to have safer sex.
partner herpes

How to protect your partner from getting herpes?

#1. Tell your partner that you have herpes before sexual contact.

#2. Be sure to use condoms and dental masks when you have sex, which can help reduce your risk of getting an STD.

Herpes can exist in areas of the body that are not protected by a condom (such as the scrotum, buttocks, upper thighs, and labia), so a condom does not always protect you from herpes. But they do reduce your chances of getting herpes.

Don’t have sex with anyone during a herpes outbreak because that’s when it’s most likely to spread. But herpes usually spreads without pain or symptoms, it’s important to use condoms, even if everything looks ok.

#3. Taking herpes medication every day after confirming with your doctor. This can reduce the chance of spreading herpes.

#4. Do not have sex during an outbreak even if you are using a condom. Condoms may not cover all the sores.

#5. Do not have sex until your sores are totally gone, and the scabs heal and fall off.

#6. Do not touch your sores, because you can spread the virus to other parts of your body or other people. If you touch your sores, wash your hands with soaps and water immediately.

#7. Do not kiss anyone when you have cold sores on your mouth, not only your partner, but also babies, pregnant women, and sick people.

#8. If you have genital herpes, change your underwear every day. Wash it using soap and disinfect it.

At last, herpes is just a virus. Although there is no herpes cure now, we can reduce its outbreak and spread. You and your partner can still lead a happy and normal life even if you get herpes.

How to Protect Your Partner from Getting Herpes

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