Imagine that you have herpes and met the potential match, you are excited for herpes dating but anxiety about the little secret. What should you do under this condition? For example, will you tell your partner the virus? There are some simple rules.

Rule 1. Be positive

Try your best to smile just as you can. It’s a great thing that you are alive. It’s ordinary to fear, or angry about the herpes condition, just like anyone else.
However, these negative emotion will only make you ill. Actually, an optimistic attitude will attract other like-minded people around you.

Rule 2. Be yourself

No need to hide the real you. You are special, beautiful and you are alive. Don’t pretend to be someone who you are not. Don’t lie to your potential partner about you are. This lie will make a simple thing complicated.

Rule 3. Tell Your Partner before Sex

This is probably the hardest part of STD dating. It could be a scary situation that could happen in many ways. Likely, your brain may play every possible scene over and over again. However, the worst result is that they may leave your life. If that happens, it also means they are not worth your time.
Online websites like PositiveSingles or other herpes support groups are great places to meet people who already know what you’re going through. Then you can go for a date. You know that your partner has something in common with you. As a result, you can take a lot of pressure off. This can remove the whole rule 3.

Rule 4. The virus can’t define the relationship

But for the newly infected person, it’s a difficult thing to live with. The virus can block some intimate moments during your relationship.
If this happens, don’t break down every time. Try to tell your partner about the situation calmly. And explain that it can’t happen just now.
Your partner will understand if they are smart and care about you.
Do not cry, shout or get angry. It will make things worse, even your partner away from you.

Rule 5. Practice protected sex

If you want to be safe enough to protect your non-infected partner, the condom will be helpful. During an outbreak, don’t have sex. If you really want, use a condom. It will also build trust between you and your partner. In fact, it’s a wise thing to do.

Rule 6. Let your partner tested regularly

It’s a good idea to have a test regularly for your partner if they don’t have this virus. It can make sure that you are not passing this gift out. Usually, it will be enough to have one or two tests per year.

6 Rules for Herpes Dating

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