boost-positivesingles-popularityNow you have set up a PositiveSingles profile successfully. You may have this worry: what to do if only a few people viewed my profile or no one contacted me?

In fact, most newly registered users have this concern. No doubtful this will make us depressed, even doubt of our charm and attraction.

But I want to make this point clear that this is not your fault. You just lose the quick way to let other people know you.

It is reported over 1,5 Million + registered members on Image how hard your Mr/Miss Right find you in a short time.

Actually, PositiveSingles has some premium features to solve the problem, eg, TOP position in the search results and highlighted profiles.

There are still some easy tips we can do to boost popularity quickly. More views your profile has, more chances you get a perfect date.

Now, try the 7 simple ways to get more eyes quickly.

  1. Update your account
  2. Add photos to your profile
  3. Show yourself in the Blog & Forum
  4. Make full use of the “Search” feature
  5. Use the ChatRoom
  6. Update the profile regularly
  7. Be positive, polite and NOT be abusive

1. Upgrade your account.

It is the quickest way to boost popularity by purchasing a premium membership.

By using the premium feature, your profile can take the TOP position in the search results.

Meanwhile, the “Highlight feature” can make your profile outstanding from other profiles.

If you don’t want to upgrade this time, the following tips are more useful.

2. Add photos to your profile.

As we tested many times, profiles with photos have a better position compared with profiles without photos in the same condition.

Obviously, photos can attract more eyes. If you don’t want to show your face for the privacy issue, you can upload some other things you like, eg, your pet, happy moment in your life or anything else (No porn, sex or low-quality photos).

Then users can know your interest, your hobby, your taste and much more.

3. Show yourself in the Blog & Forum.

PS blogWe found that the PS blog & forum are very popular. We estimated that there are thousands of views and clicks per day.

It’s a good way to show yourself and attract like-minded people. Try to post a blog/forum or comment on others’ blogs and forums.

As we saw that the most popular blog has 22,241 views till now.

Don’t worry about the blog content. You can start the first blog by introducing yourself. You can share your favorite music, book, TV, food or funny things you met.

Most members here are friendly as we found.

ps quick search “Search” is a useful tool to meet new people, by which you can find many profiles.

If you can’t find someone you are interested in the first round, change the search filter and try again.

Once you found anyone special, contact him/her. If you are a standard member, you can send a free wink or comment on his/her profile. If you are a paid member, send him/her a message directly.

Then they will view back and contact you if they also have the same feeling.

Don’t waste any chance.

5. Use the ChatRoom.

The ChatRoom is a special premium feature of PS. It looks like a group chat.

Everyone can share and express their opinions here. You may find someone who has the same idea just like you.

You can also express yourself bravely. Then other members can know you better.

6. Update the profile regularly.

As we tested, the active members have more chances to get a better position in the search results.

So update your profile regularly.

7. Be positive, polite and NOT be abusive.

We all love funny things or things making us happy. So don’t be rude, abusive or complain about everything all the time. No one owes you.

Share positive opinions when posting a comment. Behave politely when contacting other members.

Leave a good impression at first sight.


These aren’t the only ways to boost your popularity on PS. But you can grow your views and contacts significantly by using these ways.

You can also try to find more. We’d like to hear from you with more tips.

How to Boost Popularity on PositiveSingles

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