herpes dating onlineOnline dating is mixed with surprises and regrets. Of course, there is no exception for herpes dating.

We have learned a lot from many real herpes dating stories from our greatest readers that herpes dating online also have benefits and risks, just like dating through other ways.

Then, how to increase the success chance of dating? We tried to give a simple analysis of the pros and cons of herpes dating online. Hope it can help a lot.

1. A lot of new people

Pros: It can help you meet new people in your area. What’s more, you can view if they are like-minded just like you. You may even find someone who you met on the street corner but dare not to say hi.

By online dating, you can enhance the dating chance greatly. You can break the ice by sending a wink without being afraid of rejection

Cons: As we all knew, some people cheat others using fake photos and information. While some members joined a herpes dating site just for curiosity or other purposes, not for dating.

The worst thing is that someone tried to scam normal members by using extremely hot/beautiful/handsome photos.

We need to pay attention to such tricks.

2. About “the talk”

Pros: Most people with this virus are afraid of telling this truth out. It’s quite normal, especially for someone you deeply loved. It’s hard to say it out.

One girl wrote me that she just broke up with her boyfriend. She was so sad and exhausted. She has HSV-2 virus.

While dating with her boyfriend, she hesitated and didn’t know how to tell him this truth. Then, that guy got this virus too.

The hesitation ruined the relationship. Her boyfriend loves her very much but still broke up with her for the betrayal and cheating.

I understood how regretful she is. But there is no way to come back. Actually, things might be completely different if she tells the truth out.

So, herpes dating site members don’t have this puzzle. They know each other’s STD status from their profiles. People don’t need to worry about how to tell someone you have herpes. It can avoid a possible awkward talk.

herpes datingCons: Dating someone in the same situation can avoid transmitting. You can work together on the same issue.

But you can’t confirm what STD he/she really have. If you have HSV-1 and she has HSV-2, there are still risks to transmit.

The lucky thing is that both of you know how to prevent.

Thus, both of you can check blood test results after a discussion. If you are OK with this, it’s not a big deal.

3. Matching algorithm

Pros: With the improvements of herpes dating sites, they have more and more matching functions, for example, Let’s Meet, Fun Questions and so on. Users can find like-minded people easily by just a few clicks.

Cons: But with the help of advanced algorithm, people lose a lot of interests on viewing profiles one by one. If you want to give yourself more chances, you can also browse profiles manually.

4. Communication

Pros: Chatting online can give you time to respond, not like face-to-face talk. Meanwhile, some sites have a “Recall” message feature. If you regret sending that words or pictures out, you can recall them.

Cons: Unlike face-to-face contact, you won’t know many details about the real reflection, including facial expressions and body language etc. So eventually, you still need to contact in real life.

5. Niche dating

herpes dating sitePros: Herpes dating is a niche dating filed. Only people with herpes can join it. Members here can find support, date, even love. They don’t need to worry about rejection and discrimination.

Cons: Herpes dating community is a small pool. There aren’t many fishes.

If you try ordinary dating site/method, you can get in touch with many more people.

6. Transmitting this virus

Pros:Members of the herpes dating site don’t need to afraid of transmitting this virus to others. It’s also the biggest advantage of herpes dating online.

Cons: In the herpes dating site, someone has HSV-1 while someone has HSV-2. For the situation, dater with different HSV types can also get a virus.

7. Cost

Pros: For most herpes dating sites, members need to pay for premium features.

Take PositiveSingles as an example, it’s free to join in, but people need to purchase premium membership to initiate sending messages and check the lists (Who’s viewed me, Who’s favorited me, and Who liked my photo etc).

As we checked, the positive singles team scanned all the profiles manually. This way can prevent a lot of fake profiles.

What’s more, there isn’t any annoying commercial advertisement and banners.

Cons: There are also free herpes dating sites online. We have tried some and received many emails about selling herpes cures or photos. It’s not user-friendly and a waste of time.

To conclude, just like other online dating issues, herpes dating online also has its benefits and drawbacks.

If you want to give yourself more chances, you can have a try.

Pros and Cons of Herpes Dating Online

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